Is Dragon Ball good and Is it worth watching?

The anime series Dragon Ball has been seen by millions of people all around the world. It has made a significant contribution to the worldwide popularity of Japanese culture and comics. Read on to find out more about this.

The Dragon Ball franchise

It is the introductory animation in the massive Dragon Ball franchise, which also includes anime sequels like Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, as well as movies, video games, and merchandise. With total earnings of 20 billion dollars directly from the franchise and from the sales of official Dragon ball themed hoodies, it is one of the most lucrative media franchises ever.

As a result of Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series, many fans have viewed the anime that Mangakas has produced. And they are not all Dragon Ball fans.

The Plot

The plot of Dragon Ball is another factor that makes it worthwhile to watch.

The Dragon Ball story takes place in a multiverse made up of twelve universes, each of which is designated by a number. The anime’s whole story is set in Universe 7. Additionally, there are numerous deities, gods, and goddesses who rule each universe. These beings can be good or evil, malicious or destructive.

The main character of the anime, Goku, experiences several hardships. In search of the dragon balls, which, when gathered together, grant you a desire, he sets off on a number of adventures with his buddies, including the sexually deviant Roshi, Bulma, and others.

The action, adventure, and battle sequences sprinkled throughout the storyline operate as the plot’s primary highlights. One can love viewing anime even more as a result of it.

Aside from that, the anime is filled with hilarious moments that break up the action and provide a breather from the fierce combat, which is entertaining nonetheless. The world-building of the places is incredibly detailed and exquisitely crafted. The watching experience is enhanced by this in a big way.

Entertaining Characters

The Dragon Ball universe is teaming with good, entertaining, and enduring characters. It also doesn’t lack bizarre and twisted people, many of whose perversions are unrestrained. For instance, the old guy Roshi figure can occasionally be downright spooky. He often approaches younger women for sexual purposes, indulges in online pornography, and collects nasty publications.

Although his sexual escapades, such as forcing Bulma to reveal him her underwear in return for a Dragon Ball, are advertised as comic relief, his character eventually becomes tiresome and overused. However, there are instances when the actions of other numerous characters are amusing and lend variety to the story.

Goku’s character growth in his role as the plot’s main character is rather outstanding. He is always working to become a better version of himself and doesn’t hesitate to own up to his shortcomings.

Is Dragon Ball Worth Watching?

Of course, it’s worth it! Anyone who has seen this anime has nothing but positive things to say. With many of its themes, characters, and combat scenes influencing numerous anime of the twenty-first century, Dragon Ball can be attributed to popularizing the Shounen Genre. The amount of visual stimulation and entertainment it provides viewers with never stops.

The anime has never a dull moment because it constantly presents thrilling adventures that are frequently followed by new, terrifying antagonists and weird, exotic-looking monsters.

You will comprehend why Dragon Ball has become so famous once you watch it. It offers a fantastic blend of humor, action sequences, and strange monsters, all of which are seasoned up with a sprinkle of fan love for the primarily male audience.

The anime packs a lot of powerful punches, despite the fact that you may find the visual style a touch too dull and the design a little too childish. Probably because it is an anime series from the 1980s, the quality and coloring are not up to the mark. Some individuals do, however, enjoy the retro vibe it gave off.


Dragon Ball has a highly original concept, which is fortunately extremely well implemented. It has a rich history that is infused with many mythical, religious, and cultural elements.